A big party at the Lim Regatta attracted tourists from all continents

Photo: RINA / Private archive

Photo: RINA / Private archive

Under the auspices of local self-government and organized by the Tourist Organization and the Rafting Club “Jastreb”, began a two-day Lim Fest and Lim regatta in Priboj.

After the Aca Pejović concert, which was followed by several thousand citizens in Fapa Square on Friday night, the Lim regatta started from the city pier from all parts of the Zlatibor district.

Sailing from Priboj to Sjeverin for a length of about twenty miles, it attracts a growing number of visitors each year, so that on Saturday about 40 ships sailed with the song.

According to the organizers, fans in Lima, one of the most beautiful European rivers in distant Canada, America and Australia, came to the attractive adrenaline challenges of the Lim regatta, as well as the beams of several cities of the ancient Yugoslavia.

“In addition to Priboj, and the beams of neighboring municipalities, we have received participants from almost every continent. There are Lima fans from Canada, America, Australia, from several cities in Germany, then from several cities in the former Yugoslavia. , after Belgrade, Subotica, Novi Pazar and other places in Serbia. A suitable lunch and entertainment program is provided for all participants in Sjeverin, “says Siniša Laković of the Rafting Club on behalf of the organizers.

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