8 scientific facts: it will not break, it is bigger than you think, the erection begins before birth – Taboo – life

We reveal to you the most common truths and misconceptions about the penis

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Photo: Shutterstock / WAYHOME studio

Photo: Shutterstock / WAYHOME studio

1. Erection and before birth

The penises are always ready for an erection, so it’s not uncommon for a baby to come out of the womb with an erection. even before birth, ultrasounds sometimes show a fetus with a complete erection.

According to a 1991 study, fetal erections occur more frequently during the REM phase of sleep. And it can happen several times. It’s not entirely clear why this happens, but it could be the way the body tests its functions

2. Morning erection

Most men have three to five erections during the night, especially during the REM phase of sleep, and it is not yet known why this happens.

One theory states that this could help prevent bedwetting because an erection prevents urination.

Other experts believe that the penis is finally free at night and that nothing controls it.

“The brain’s brain emits an anti-erection chemical during waking that helps them avoid having an erection at the wrong time,” explained Gloria Brahme, a sexologist and author of the book. Adult sex-ps Per Medical news.

However, during sleep, this inhibitory factor disappears, allowing the erection to appear freely. When you wake up, chemicals are released into the blood in order to move the body, and the side effects of this blood flow are an erection.

3. The penis can break

Although there is no bone in the penis, it can break.

This happens more often during hard sex, although doctors have noticed these cases in people who have fallen out of bed with an erection.

4. Do most feet show penis size?

It’s time to stop it and move on. As confirmed by a 2002 study, there is no correlation between foot size and penis length

In another study, published in the journal International Diary of impotence other correlations were studied. That is, the researchers concluded that penis dimensions are significantly correlated with age, height, as well as thumb and forefinger length. Some research has shown that men who have a thumb longer than the index finger also have a longer penis, and it is explained that this size depends on prenatal testosterone exposure.

5. The difference between a relaxed penis and an erection

A study of 274 subjects showed that there was no correlation between the length of a flaccid penis and an erection. While some are small while relaxed, during an erection they increase, while some are large while relaxed, it increases less when they are erect.

6. The penis is not miii

Contrary to popular belief, the penis does not contain any muscle. The penis is like a species sunera which fills with blood when a man is sexually aroused. Blood builds up inside the two cylindrical chambers, causing swelling and erection.

The swelling blocks the veins that normally drain blood from the penis. As the erection disappears, the arteries in both chambers narrow again, allowing blood to swell from the penis.

7. Decent millet

The researchers did a large study of 15,000 men and the results showed that the average penis size was 13.12 inches in erection.
In a relaxed state, the average penis is 9.16 centimeters.

8. The penis is twice as long as you think

Many men could take refuge in this fact. That is, the penis is longer than it looks, because about half the entire length is inside the body

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