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Sharon Burns, director and professor at the Canadian high school, is currently under pressure from parents of students who discovered on Facebook that they were listening to the Iron Maiden band and are therefore asking to be fired. writes Independent.

Source: klix.ba.

Photo: Shutterstock / Sun Shock

Photo: Shutterstock / Sun Shock

Dissatisfied parents requested the dismissal of the principal because, according to them, he openly expresses sympathy for satanic symbols and hidden practices.

“The open display of satanic symbols is directly contrary to the principles of the vast majority of families representing the school. That is why we demand that Sharon Burns be replaced and replaced by another principal, who will represent family values ​​in the school. “, reads a petition signed by 553 people.

However, several students decided to introduce themselves to the teacher. His petition has so far been signed by just over 22,000 people. They stated that they do not approve of the principal’s conviction based on her posts on social media and that the authorities should not ignore the fact that Sharon Burns is doing a great job at the school.

“He has put a lot of effort into teaching students that the school is a place of diversity and he has opened a prayer room. This is a room that can be used by all students who practice Christianity. He has made the school safer. and she is one of the best and most enthusiastic principals the school has ever had, ”the students wrote in a petition.

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