15 amazing facts about Vedic life that you probably didn’t know about

Shutterstock / Elzbieta Krzysztof

Shutterstock / Elzbieta Krzysztof

The normal working day ends at 5pm and then the offices are completely empty. Parents of young children leave early to pick them up at kindergarten or school, and this is taken for granted and need not be pointed out to superiors.

it is the Vedic country of Volvo, Ikea, Minecraft and many other favorite things, it has free transportation, an excellent sanitation system, the same air and untouched nature. Because of all this, many people choose to live in Vedic.

Here are some annoying facts about this country.

1. Sweden is the leading country in the European Union in terms of the number of patents and invests heavily in digital technology. Some of the patents include the invention of the pacemaker, oat milk and a walker.

2. Veani are highly environmentally friendly and only 1 percent of garbage is disposed of, and up to 52 percent is used for energy production and 47 percent is recycled. tavie, waste energy companies import waste from surrounding countries!

3. There is no emphasis on the hierarchy of this country: the policy of companies is that all employees address each other by name, so that even students do not address teachers by title.

4. Private space is very popular here – don’t try to start a conversation with a stranger while, for example, waiting for the bus.

5. Issues related to private life, previous work and family are considered extremely crude.



6. Finding an apartment in Vedic is extremely difficult and the most difficult is in Stockholm. People have been on waiting lists for years and real estate prices are astronomical. The only consolation is that the rental apartments are mostly in good condition.

7. Fabrics are not fans of cash and pay even very small amounts with credit cards. Some sites don’t even accept cash.

8. On the table there is always a special but for wood and plastic butter. This is shared by everyone at the table and it is important to go through the “spread order”.

9. The shoes where you walk on the road remain in front of the door of the house and wearing shoes around the apartment is extremely rude. That is why everyone pays attention to the appearance of their Arabs.

10. The normal working day ends at 5 pm, after which the offices are completely empty. Parents of young children go to kindergarten and school to pick them up earlier, and, needless to say, there is no need to emphasize their superiors.

11. One of the most important business traditions is the so-called fika: a coffee with colleagues. It is rude to drink coffee alone as well as respond to a company email for the duration of the session.

12. Both parents of the newborns have a total of 480 days off. All parents must spend three months with the child and the rest of the leave can be agreed upon according to their wishes. Being with a child is considered normal and desirable.

13. The average veanin has 33 days of annual leave.

14. Family time is extremely important, which is why veans try to work 6 hours a day.

15. Before naming a child, the name must be approved by the state agency during the first three months of the child’s life. Names like “Metallica” and “Ikea” are banned, thankfully for small veins.

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