105 meters long and three meters wide: Uice gets a suspension bridge

Photo: RINA / Private archive

Photo: RINA / Private archive

The surrounding town will have a unique tourist attraction, which will place Uice in a high place on the visitor map. Geotechnical and geomechanical testing works are being carried out, necessary for the elaboration of a project for the future suspension bridge that should connect the Zlatibor road and the entire medieval fortress.

It will be 105 meters long and three meters wide, and the bridge should definitely meet all the necessary conditions in terms of safety and security.

“As part of the current work, drilling will be carried out on both sides of the old town, next to Vidokovac and the old town, two boreholes at 25 and 163 m depth, which will allow experts from the Faculty of Mines. and Geology to do its part. It is planned to complete the access roads after the bridge, lighting, feasibility study, all the necessary documents to complete the project of the future bridge, “said Nikola Maksimovi, director of JP” Uice razvoj “.

It is planned to be a pedestrian bridge, which will connect the old town and the viewpoint, which will have a fence, security, top path from the old town and part of the viewpoint. A planning document has been prepared, which envisages parking 4 buses and more than 30 cars.

Photo: RINA / Private archive

Photo: RINA / Private archive

The project is funded by the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications with 10 million and Uice City Council with 5 million dinars.

Visiting the works, Deputy Mayor Dragoljub Stojadinovi recalled that so far about 70 million dinars have been invested in Uiki Stari grad.

“We received 45 million dinars from the relevant ministry, the city invested 16 million dinars and we received 8 million dinars from the US embassy. A complete reconstruction-conservation of all the walls, lower, middle and upper , we finished two floors of the tower. it is working on new projects, we are working on a project for a water tower and another viewpoint that will be ready by the end of the year. It was done, “Stojadinov said.

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