We start fasting and eating more fish, but still not enough

Boini’s fasting begins, among other things, the time of year when fish is eaten. Rarely are those who follow the advice of nutritionists and have fish on their table at least twice a week. Source: RTS Sunday, November 28, 2021 | 20:26 -> 21:50 Photo: Jacek Chabraszewski / Shutterstock There are two figures on how […]

Exoplanetary cemeteries: strange space rocks were discovered – Science – life

Astronomers have recently discovered unprecedented types of rocks, made up of an unusual proportion of minerals, and found them in the remnants of cosmic worlds that shattered the dying stars of the domains. Research indicates that these exoplanets are built from a much wider range of materials than previously thought. Source: Sputnik Sunday, November 28, […]

Does Croatia have the smallest sea in the world?

Photo: Peter Polic / Shutterstock Three consecutive seas, the Adriatic, Novigrad and Karin, are a unique natural specificity in the world. But that beauty is not always there. We owe this to the last ice age, which raised sea level to 100 meters, which caused the collapse of the entire Velebit canal and the formation […]

The new breed has its name – omicron; What do we know about him?

The latest variant discovered is the most mutated so far – it has such a long list of mutations that one scientist described it as “scary”, while another said it was the worst strain they had ever seen. . Source: Blic Friday, November 26 20,201 | 20:23 Photo: Shuttestock / Andrii Vodolazhskyi A variant has […]

8 scientific facts: it will not break, it is bigger than you think, the erection begins before birth – Taboo – life

We reveal to you the most common truths and misconceptions about the penis Source: Net.hr Friday, November 26 20.201 | 21:25 -> 21:44 Photo: Shutterstock / WAYHOME studio 1. Erection and before birth The penises are always ready for an erection, so it’s not uncommon for a baby to come out of the womb with […]

We asked you if you were going skiing – more than half voted for an option

Photo: Shutterstock / borevina The beginning of the winter season is approaching, and with it is the time to prepare boots and skis. There is almost nothing more beautiful than the winter idyll in the mountains. All true winter lovers say they would always change ten summers for one winter. Like last year, the epidemiological […]

Laying the crown is simply not enough

Acquiring immunity has naturally become a popular excuse for coronavirus vaccines, but a new study from the University of Pittsburgh found that antibody levels after infection vary considerably and in some cases are not. enough to protect a person from the disease again. Source: index.hr Wednesday, 24/11/2021 | 12:31 -> 20:39 Photo: Shutterstock / Corona […]

“I ask you, no” – Jay K Rowling desperate; the whole family in danger – News – Life

Jay K Rowling spoke after claiming that three activists had revealed their residential address to the public. Source: B92 Wednesday, 24/11/2021 | 12:41 -> 9:30 p.m. Photo: Profimedia Author Harry Potter stated that people were in front of his house in Scotland and taking photos, and his address is clearly visible in the photos. These […]

What vaccine can you travel to Germany with?

Photo: Shutterstock / canadastock Find out below what you need to get into the country, if you can move everywhere, and what rules apply to tourists. The epidemiological situation in Germany, as in most of Europe, has recently deteriorated. The Federal Republic of Germany has marked our country as an area of ​​high risk of […]

Pfizer: “Our vaccine gives a strong immune response in children”

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced today that its antiviral vaccine has provided strong resistance to covid during research among children between the ages of 12 and 15. Source: Tanjug Monday 22 November 2021 | 19:43 -> 21:39 Photo: Depositphotos / Belchonock The two doses of Pfizer were 100 percent effective against kovid, based on […]